Spurious Regression

1. What is spurious regression?
Sayed Hossain posted the following figure below.

Filippo Bonanno commented> When you regress two non-stationary variables and
there is a non-sense statistical relationship (like rain fall and income per capita in
some regions). For example if the explanatory power of the regression R-Sq is
exceptionally high, this may mean that you regressed non stationary-varianles.

Stratos D. Tserkezos commented> We have to go to Yule's (1927) paper and look
at one great example there.... nonsense correlations that are presented as
significant cause they are based on contemporaneous movements of
non-stationary series.... we can also see this with a Monte Carlo simulation of two
non-stationary series (yt= yt-1 +et and xt= xt-1 +ut) for a number of replications
and see the actual problem when we estimate y = a + bx

Idoko Gambit Itodo commented> Very high R square, low D-W stats, significant
parameters in a regression of variables that, theoretically, should not be correlated.

Takwana Chaminama commented> Nonsense regression - if R squared is high
than DW Stats there is a good reason to suspect that there is spurious regression
George Udny Yule (1927)

Tella Oluwatoba Ibrahim commented>A simple rule of model states that if a
researcher is faced with a complex and simple model, one has to go for the simple
model provided it can yield same valid result as the complex model.
Spurious regression
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