Sayed Hossain, PhD in Economics   
Curriculum Vitae

School of Business Administration
Texas Wesleyan University
1201 Wesleyan Street                                                                                                                                
Fort Worth, TX 76105, USA.                                                                                                                                      

Summary of qualification
  • PhD in economics with 18 graduate hours in Economics.
  • Founder of Hossain Academy supporting thousands in developing economics, econometrics and statistical models
    using various software such as stata, eviews, spss, amos, lindo, lingo,  shazam, minitab and excel. More than 250
    lecture videos are uploaded in the Academy.
  • More than 12 years economics and econometrics teaching experience.
  • Published several books and journal articles
  • Offered various trainings on knowledge economy.
  • Worked as Research Assistant in the area of poverty reduction.
  • Worked in HUA stock brokerage firm to handle stock portfolio investment.
  • Written twelve novels in Bengali language

Job History

  • 1/11/2017-Present          Adjunct Faculty Economics, Texas Wesleyan University, TX
  • 8/22/2011- Present         Adjunct Faculty Economics, Collin College, TX.
  • 6/5/2014 -Present           Adjunct Faculty Economics, Cedar Valley College, TX
  • 1/18/2011- 5/13/2011     Adjunct Faculty Economics, North Central Texas College, TX.
  • 9/1/1998-4/30/2010        Lecturer in Economics, Multimedia University, Cyberjaya
  • 9/13/1997-5/21/1998      Research Assistant, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi.
  • 3/8/1989-11/8/1992        Authorised Assistant at HUA stock brokerage firm, Dhaka

Books written
(Co-authors are there)
  • The development of a general integration model: the status of Asean, European Union and SAARC, Oak Publication
  • An introduction to knowledge economy, concepts and issues. First edition: 2003, Second edition 2004. McGraw Hill
    Publication. ** Adopted as recommended text book in Singapore Management University.
  • An introduction to econometrics using Shazam.  McGraw Hill Publication 2001.
  • Basic economics, accounting and management, Prentice Hall Publication.

Refereed journal articles publication
(Co-authors are there)   
  • Social acceptance and readiness for the knowledge based economy in Malaysia, Asean Economic Bulletin, Vol 26 No.
    3, Dec 2009.
  • The rice cultivation in Bangladesh: A linear and quadratic programming approach, Asia Pacific Journal of Rural
    Development, July 2002, Vol XII, N0. 1
  • A quadratic application in farm planning under uncertainty, Vol 29, No. 3 and 4, 2002, International  Journal of Social
    Economics, Emerald, MCB University Press.
  • Bangladesh: building for a better future? International journal of Social Economics, Vol 29,  No. 9 and 10, 2002.
    Emerald, MCB University Press.
  • Malaysian experience and the Asian turmoil, Asian Pacific Law and  Policy Journal, Winter 2001, Vol 2, Issue 1.
  • The Asian financial crisis: The Malaysian experience, Vol 7, Issue 4, 2000, New Economy, Currently Public Policy
    Research, Wiley-Blackwell publishers

Conference papers
(Co-authors are there)
  • Optimization with Asian Hedge Funds: A comparison between the mean-variance and the polynomial goal
    programming methods. Mid-West Finance Association Meeting, February 21-25, 2012. New Orleans, USA.
  • Effects of fund characteristics on the performance of Asian hedge funds, Asia Pacific Business Research Conference,
    21-22 Feb 2011, Isatana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Is Malaysian monetary policy independent?  Academy of International Business-US Southwest Chapter (AIB-SW)
    meeting in Dallas, USA, March 3-6, 2010.
  • Performance persistence of monthly returns across strategies, Symposium on risk management in financial institution,
    23-25 April, 2009 Audencia School of Business, Nantes, France.
  • Persistence performance of hedge funds: A study of quarterly returns for Asian hedge funds, BIMPEAGA International
    Conference, 21-23 June 2006, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
  • The challenges of building knowledge based economy in Malaysia' presented at the International   Conference on
    Politics and Information Systems: Technologies and Applications, from July 31 to 2nd August 2003, Orlando, Florida,
  • National budget 2001 and the knowledge economy in Malaysia’ presented at the 30th Annual Conference of
    Economists, The Economic Society of Australia, The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia on the 24th Sept,
  • 'Multimedia Super Corridor: An Emergence of a New IT World' presented at the 11th International Telecommunication
    Society European Conference at University of Lausanne, Switzerland on the 11th September, 2000.
  • A 'discussant' paper presented at the Asian Crisis-I Conference at the University of Washington, USA in December,

University Degrees
  • BSS in economics, University of Dhaka, 1986
  • MSS in economics, University of Dhaka, 1987
  • Ph.D in Economics, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 1998

Command on data analysis software
  • EVIEWS, STATA, R. Minitab, SPSS, Shazam, Amos, Excel, Lingo, Lindo etc

Taught courses
  • BQT 8054: Advanced Quantitative Technique.
  • BEM 7064: Economics for Managers.
  • BMS 8814: Advanced Statistical Method
  • BEC2044: Econometrics I
  • BEC2054: Econometrics II
  • BEM 3014 : Econometrics modelling
  • BEC 1624 Macroeconomics
  • BPI 2014: Policy issues in the knowledge economy
  • BKE2614: Knowledge economy
  • BCE2024: Computational economics.
  • ECON2302:MicroEconomics

  • Upon request